Job for WIX  Expert


1) The below requirements are for my WIX website ( All work done needs to be in WIX.

2) Need to add a Partner section to my website.
a. Would allow the clients of the Partner to log in and see my products listed with either free or discounted rates based on the Partner agreement
b. Log in would be restricted to the clients of the Partner only
c. EXAMPLE – we are working on a partnership with Small World Adoption ( Their clients would automatically receive a Lifebook Digital Download once they finalized the adoption of their child(ren). This means that they do not need to pay for it to me – the Partner (Small World) pays me. I want the clients of Small World Adoption to be able to log into my website and get the digital download without paying. But I need to know that they are a Small World Adoption client. I also want to know who they are so that I can market other products and services to them

3) Streamlined Check Out Process – We have multiple different ways to pay and receive products on the website and they all need to be streamlined
a. Digital Downloads are handled by one service called “Sellfy”
b. Hard Cover Lifebook prints are not integrated at all
i. Would like to figure out a way to integrate the Gooten API so that the Hard Cover Books can be printed directly from my website
ii. Would like the payment processing to be the same process whether it is a Sellfy Digital Download or a Gooten Hard Cover Book

4) Would like all of the products that we sell to be viewable without registering for an account


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