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9 Website Redesign Tips for Better Results in 2018

Welcome to FANDU DESIGN.  Thank you for your interest to read new fresh tutorial about Website Redesign. In this tutorial, I will share “9 Website Redesign Tips for Better Results in 2017 ” Before that I like to share with you. “Why You Need a Website Redesign” From my web design career experience. I find out many reasons. Actually I am getting many project related Website Redesign. Anyway.

Here The Important Reasons Why You Need Redesign Website ?

1. Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive

2. Your Website Not Ranking Well in the Search Engines

3. Not use Custom Coding. was Originally Built with Flash

4. Your Website Presents a Very Poor User Experience

5. Does not Showcases an Clear Brand Message

6. Does Not Have a Blog for Fresh Content

7. Does Not Looks Trustworthy or Latest Website Design Trends.

8. Boasts High Bounce Rates and Low Conversions

9. Does Not Load Fast. It;s Loads Slowly

10. Your Website is not SEO Friendly.

11. Is Not Meeting with Your Requirement Anymore


Ok, So, Let’s start to go the main point. Best Website Redesign Tips for Growing Your Business (In 2017)

Everyone like you  build there website to spread their business and services to mass people and then want to make 100% sure that their target visitors finds their website and converts into paying customers. For that, It’s essential to keep your website up-to-date with latest design trends. In the below you can know  the following items are essential for your website.

Why Mobile First ? It’s important for two reasons: usability and search. So when start design website. every designer need to be designed with mobile users in mind. Also as a Client you should share this with your designer in the website design project file.

According to research from StatCounter, (a web monitoring firm) shared a report that In 2016, mobile browsing overtook desktop browsing, This research report means that it’s now most of your user come form mobile instead of desktop or leptop. You must need make your website mobile-friendly. If you don’t want to  lose out on a large number of leads.

Internet Usage Worldwide - Mobile First - Fandu Design

Internet Usage Worldwide – Mobile First – Fandu Design

Google The Tech Giant has also started applying “mobile-first indexing.”  You don’t get good results if your website is not mobile-friendly. It’s become a factor of your website ranking in search engine and In how far it appears in search results. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly then your  competitor’s site might appear higher than yours in some search results.

After Redesign your website. You should run it by Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see how well it works on mobile devices.

Growing your website content is another helpful website redesign tip. You may think having a static five-page website is enough for your current needs. But as website redesign is not a regular work so think about next few years. You can add a blog page related your business or services , products topics. Then you can share your content and get a lot of audiences.Ask your designer to convert your site template into wordpress theme so that you can manage your website without any coding skills.

But can not forget your target customers. Because everything you are doing for your customers. When you start thinks about customer the  UX (user experience) design comes in. UX design prioritzes how your intended users experience the your website. This includes convenience, ease of use, and any positive feelings associated with interacting with your company through your website. While focusing on UX can help you create a new design that caters to your customers’ habits and needs, it’s not enough to claim your redesign a success.

Split tests allow you to conduct experiments on your website so you could make changes that improve your conversions, sales, or other metrics. You can incrementally improve the results by Split testing when you redesign your website. In your new design could be the best opportunity to start.

Split tests is very helpful for eCommerce businesses. Websites that get in leads or have any kind of call-to-action can advantage from split tests as well. To get started, you can check out tools like Optimizely, Unbounce, and Visual Website Optimizer.

Redesign your website is not just charge and designing website elements such as logos, icons, and background graphics. A stronger visual presence for your business is the main purpose of redesign your website. This includes stunning product photos, video, and other visual content like infographics and memes.

Because people tend to respond strong visual elements. It proven that some images catch more attention than others by Eye-tracking studies from the Nielsen Norman Group. For example, a real photos of your customers and employees will engage customers more than a photo that looks like a stock image. Product photos with details also attract more attention than generic photos.

Visual elements may also bring more audiences to your site. Articles with an image every 80 to 100 words had twice more social shares than articles with fewer images. Also it help in SMM ( Social Media Marketing )to get higher engagement from your followers.

Landing pages use to providing a single offer and call-to-action. Set Up Dedicated Landing Pages are an effective way to test and measure different offers, marketing messages, and even designs. When you’re conducting these tests, you don’t even have to make dramatic changes to your homepage or overall website, since you’ll only test individual landing pages. According to a report from Unbounce.Dedicated landing pages can have an average conversion rate ranging from 2.6-percent to 6-percent, but depending on the industry,

Before you launch your new design you need to optimizing your site for social media. Most of your traffic come from social media sites.

Here are some indication that can help you catch if your redesign is fully integrated with your social media accounts:

  • Correct Social Snippets.  Looks all of your pages should look good when shared on social media. This means that the right thumbnail images, headlines, and descriptions appear when you share a link from your site.
  • Branding Compatibility. When people visit your redesigned website from social media and vice-versa, they should not be surprised by any change in branding or visuals. Make sure your colors, images, logo, and other visual elements are consistent all throughout your site and your social media accounts.
  • Prominent Social Media Links. Your visitors should easily be able to go to your social media pages from your website. That way, they don’t have to search for the right account to follow. Your social media links don’t have to be the focus of your redesign, but they should at least be easily accessible from any page. A corner of the site footer,  header, or sidebar works well.
  • Efficient Workflow. If you’ll be running a blog, there has to be a simple, automated way for you to share your most recent blog posts via social media. You can use wordpress free plugin for that.

The most common approach to a redesign is to serve the exact same pages to all your users. But this lets you miss out on the benefits of personalization and segmentation.
First, personalization gives customers what they want. A survey from Infosys found that 74% of customers are frustrated when their experiences aren’t personalized. Additionally, more than half believe that personalization affects their purchasing decisions.
Personalization help  grow your business. In fact, by 2020, personalization can increase business profits by 15%, according to Gartner, a research firm.
Just because you’re serving your website in a personalized way, it doesn’t mean you should give each individual user a unique experience.
In the example below, Trunk Club has separate customer journeys for men and women. After you select a path, the images, marketing messages, and offers you receive are specific to the chosen gender.

The search engine optimization (SEO) strategy of your new design will affect how easily your target audience can find your site using a search engine like Google or Bing. This is another important website redesign tip to pay attention to. SEO is especially important for eCommerce sites, since search is still their number one source of referral traffic.

But SEO strategies in 2017 might not be the same as the ones that were effective when you launched your last website design. Here are the things you need to work on if you want an updated SEO strategy:

We’ve already mentioned Google’s “mobile-first indexing” earlier in this guide, but it bears repeating here since it should be part of your SEO strategy.
To ensure that your new design gets indexed by Google properly, make sure to get a responsive design. This type of design adapts to the device viewing it. You can request a responsive design from your designer.

Just because your website is accessible all over the globe, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore local customers. Even in an era where sites like Amazon can send you anything from appliances to food, local search is still becoming more relevant. According to Clix Marketing, 72-percent of consumers who did local searches visited a store within 5 miles.
As you’re getting ready to launch your redesign, make sure that there are some local markers such as listing your business address, using your city/locality as a keyword, and getting links from locally relevant sites.

According to Google, voice searches make up around 20-percent of searches via its mobile app. While voice search still represents a minority of searches, you need to start planning for it.
Start by incorporating more natural phrases or questions into your SEO keyword strategy. For example, if you are a dog trainer in Dallas, you can use phrases like “where are the dog trainers in Dallas” or “find a dog trainer in Dallas.” To find the phrases you can use, ask yourself: What phrases would a person say out loud when describing your business? What questions would they ask when looking for a business like yours?