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“How should I charge my clients?” This is the age-old freelancers debate, and the answers vary – sometimes from client to client. There are many factors to this question, and it can depend on your previous experiences, your skills, how efficiently you get work done, and even how much your salary goal is, or if a particular job is gratifying for you.

For many, the solution may be found somewhere in between the mix and match of hourly rates and project rates, but in this article, we’d like to make a case for charging your clients an hourly rate: making work relationships simple and straightforward.

Below are a few benefits for hourly rates, and some situations when it’s in the best interest for both you and your clients. So to begin, we need to understand what both parties are looking for. What do your clients want, and what do you want?

Generally, your clients want quality work, completed on time, and hopefully for the least amount of money possible – or at least in their budget range.You on the other hand, want to make sure that you get paid fairly for your the time you work, and for the skills you bring to any given project.

With that in mind…

Hourly rates can be gratifying for freelancers

You know that you’ll be getting paid for the time that you spend actually working, and can make it easier to set up ‘normal’ working days, by dedicating a certain amount of hours per day, and even calculating your estimated salary.

When you get paid hourly, you avoid those overworked and underpaid schedules because you know that each hour of work is accounted for, and compensated accordingly.

Hourly rates can look simpler and more manageable to clients

This is especially true for those who are looking to pay the least amount possible. It may not seem logical, but reading $20 per hour in an email automatically looks less threatening than a $500 project, and if you do the math right, will probably end up paying you the same amount as your estimated project price.

But one of the biggest reasons for going by an hourly rate is the common and unpredictable misunderstandings that come with project rates…

No matter how clear at first, many projects turn into snowball jobs, where the end becomes unclear.

With hourly rates comes less contract hassle. You’ll sign one contract indicating your hourly rate, and work until the job is done. Unfortunately, with project rates you may find yourself going back to your client asking for additional contract amendments every time your project goes overtime, or requires more work then you had originally agreed upon.

Project rates can become complicated, as many clients ask for revisions after the initial project price was set. This leads to haggling over the project price, or deciding on a separate hourly price for edits, which can be frustrating for both you and your client. Many freelancers find themselves in this sticky spot, and those who hate haggling may even end up working for no additional cost, just because it’s easier to finish the job without bringing up additional prices (or because it’s hard to know what to charge for 10 minute edits here and there).

Hourly rates are a better method for working with less-organized clients

For example, project goals are unclear, or the preferences and instructions fluctuate during the project. This leads to a lot of revising and reworking, and can point to a lot of unpaid (and frustrating) labor for you. When clients know that they are paying you per hour, they are more likely to prepare clear project guidelines, and won’t give you as much of the nitty gritty ‘editorial’ work. This is also true when your job description or role becomes unclear – for example, you may land a writing job and suddenly find yourself writing emails as part of your ‘project’. Therefore, when you charge hourly, your clients will think twice before giving you these kind of side jobs.

When miscommunication happens, freelancers have the right to expect a fair pay, but many clients may feel that asking for additional payments is going against the original agreement, and tensions may develop if the project continues on those grounds.

The best thing to do if you find yourself in this kind of situation, is to switch to an hourly rate for the rest of the project revisions.

But before you find yourself in this mess, start work relationships off on the right foot by making sure the contract is as detailed as possible – outlining the project goals and milestones from the beginning. You should be able to give an estimate range of hours for the project – based on previous experience, making some room for revisions, back and forth and your own judgement. Most importantly, making sure to state in the contract that any work that is outside the detailed scope will incur additional hours.

But what’s in it for your client?

We’ve pointed out some benefits for you as a freelancer, but what will make your client jump on board for the hourly train?

Many clients, especially those who don’t understand what goes into the work being done, may feel cheated if freelancers add additional costs to their initial project rate. Clients often like the idea of taking a project rate because the price tag is clear and does not fluctuate; they can easily add it to their budget statements and feel secure that it is the final price. This can be a good thing for freelancers but can easily go awry when any of the above incidents take place – unclear goals, constant revisions, and the like.

By using an hourly rate, it will be more clear to your client where your time and effort is going on the project. Additionally, if you use a time tracker, such as Time Doctor, working hours are accounted for by freelancer and client – helping you have more productive working hours, and your client the reassurance that they’re paying for time well spent.

Not everyone chooses one side or the other

Many freelancers may use hourly rates with certain projects or clients, and project rates with others.

As you can see, there are many benefits for charging an hourly rate – both for the satisfaction of your hard work, and the straightforward business with your clients – but don’t just take my word for it. The freelancer’s job is a flexible one (and isn’t that why we love it?), so feel free to play around with your hourly and project rates and see what works for you and your business.

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Udemy best free course for web designer and developer

Udemy is online learning platform. It’s most popular with all of internet students who love or want to learn and develop their skills for professional life and career. Though Udemy is paid, premium learning platform but it have few free courses offer for new students.  In this tutorial, I am going to share Udemy best free course for web designer and developer
If you have interest to build your career as web designer and Web Developer like me that you can try this full free courses. I am sure It’s will help you start your freelancing career soon.

Basic Domain & Hosting

Learn to Setup Websites from Scratch…


Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3: Beginner Web Development…
Mastering Basic CSS Selectors.…
HTML and CSS for Beginners – Build a Website & Launch ONLINE…
Learn Basics Of CSS3 From Scratch With Projects…
Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch…
Build a Responsive Website with a Modern Flat Design…


Bootstrap 4 Quick Start: Code Modern Responsive Websites
Complete Bootstrap 4 course – build 3 projects…
Learn Bootstrap 3 With Multi Purposes Single Page Layout…
Learn to Build Websites using Twitter Bootstrap…



Learn PHP Fundamentals From Scratch…
Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website…
Building a Search Engine in PHP & MySQL…
Build CRUD Application – PHP & Mysql…
Learn E-Commerce Website in PHP & MySQL From Scratch!…



Simple And Easy: WordPress For Beginners…
Learn how to quickly build websites using WordPress…
WordPress Backup And Restore Fundamentals…


Complete Course

The Original Complete Web Developer Course.…
Foundations of Front-End Web Development…

Project Based Learning Tutorials

Build Your First Website in 1 Week with HTML5 and CSS3…
The Complete HTML5 & CSS3 Course – Build BBC News Website…
How to Make a Single Page Website for Freelancers & Agencies…


EMMET Faster HTML & CSS workflow – Best Tool For Developers…
Devtools 2017: The Basics of Chrome Developer Tools…
Thank you for your interest to read this tutorial. Don’t forget to share with others.
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Top 90+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online in 2018

Feelance or Freelancing very popular words to young people or college and university students. There are many advantage to be freelancer and work as freeelancer from home like me. You can work in your skilled fields, You can earn much money that any others traditional jobs. No need  work 9 to 5 and go out of home. You can work at your home and set your preferable time. Actually your the boos of your won. In this tutorial, I will share with you ” Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online in 2017  ”

So Let’s Start……….

1) UpWork – general

Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online


Upwork is world top online freelance marketplace. Every freelancer first choice is Upwork. It’s Founded in 2003, At Campbell, California, United State.  Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. In 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork.



2) freelancer – general

Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online in 2017Freelancer is another top listed online freelance marketplace. Every freelancer first choice is freelancer . A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.




3) Envato Studio – general

Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online in 2017






4) peopleperhour – programming, design, administrative tasks, accounting, PR

Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online in 2017






5) 99designs – design

Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online

6) Toptal – custom software development





7) – translation, interpreting

Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online






8) – general

Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online







9) DesignCrowd – design

Top 86+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online in

 10) flexjobs – telecommuting

Flexjobs Freelance Marketplace

 11) – SEO

SeoClerks Freelance Marketplace

12) topcoder – programming/development, graphic design, data science

Topcoder – programming, development, graphic design, data science

13) weworkremotely – programming, design, customer service/support, miscellaneous, copywriting, system administration, business exec



14) workmarket – general


15) TaskRabbit – house cleaning, IKEA assembly, donation pickup, event help, office help, pet sitting

16) clickworker – online marketing, e-commerce, media, information and directory services, SEO content, translation, web research, data categorization and tagging

 clickworker – online marketing, e-commerce, media, information and directory services, SEO content, translation, web research, data categorization and tagging

17) Crew – app, website, logo, or brand

Crew – app, website, logo, or brand

18) mediabistro – writing/editing, production, graphic design, publishing. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.

mediabistro – writing/editing, production, graphic design, publishing. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.

19) Field Nation – general

Field Nation – general

 20) Scribendi – editing and proofreading

 Scribendi – editing and proofreading

21) designContest – Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, T-shirt Design, Logo & Business Card Design, Banner design, Icon Design

21) designContest – Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, T-shirt Design, Logo & Business Card Design, Banner design, Icon Design

22) – French, consulting. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: access fees. – French, consulting. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: access fees.


23) designhill – business and corporate design, graphic and print design, website and mobile design


24) – general

25) bidvine – service professionals

26) crowdSPRING – logo design, naming design, graphic design, web design

27) Authentic Jobs – UI Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, App development, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Miscellaneous

28) FreelanceWriting – writing

29) – newspaper/wire services, online media/startups, television/radio, magazines/publishing, trade publication/newsletters, pr/media relations/ communications, nonprofit/academia/government/other, financial/technology/misc. jobs, diversity jobs

30) yeeply – mobile application

31) xplace – designing, programming, writing/editing, translating, marketing, photographing. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: bidding fees.

32) CloudPeeps – general

33) – web designers and app designers

34) freelance writing jobs – writing

35) – logo designs

36) – Spanish, general. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: contact fees.

37) Writerbay – writing

38) Design Inc. – design

39) yunojuno – general

40) goLance – accounting & consulting, admin support, customer service, data science & analytics, design & creative, engineering & architecture, IT & Networking, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Translation, Web, Mobile & Softare Dev, Writing

41) iFreelance – proofreading,arts, data entry, graphic designing, photography, bookkeeping. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.

42) – general

43) – web applications, saas products,android apps, mvp development, project management, desktop programs, UX strategy, scripting, side projects

44) – programming, translation, consulting, graphic design

45) Taskcity – programming

46) Servicescape – editors, translators, graphic designers, and writers

47) LocalSolo – local and onshore independent contractor recruiting platform

48) – French, general. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: intermediary fees.

49) Wonoloon-demand staffing, warehouse operations, delivery drivers, general labor, administrative tasks, event staff, merchandising

50) – general

51) – design, writing, data entry, research

52) weliketowork – sale & marketing, writing & content, administrative support, design & multimedia, customer service, business services, web development, software development, networking & information systems, coaching, translation

53) – Dutch, general

54) Folyo – design, programming, sales, marketing

55) DesignQuote – logo design

56) SuperTasker – web, graphics, advertising, copy, and video, audio, buzz

57) awesomeweb – logo design, sales page, ecommerce, blog design, infographic, book cover, banner ad, wordpress theme, wordpress plugin, wordpress maintenance, mobile app, web app, page speed, responsive

58) 2Polyglot – translation, copywriting, language tutoring

59) – general

60) workhoppers – general

61) Genuine Jobs – telecommuting

62) – general

63) taskarmy – general

64) Network Freelance (UK) – general

65) workfast (Australia) – admin and office, promotions and events, general services, hospitality, warehouse, retail and sales, energy and resources, labour hire

66) crowdsite – brand basics, web & app design, print, package & label, clothing & merchandise, book & magazine, art & illustration, custom design contest

67) StudentFreelance – general

68) Joomlancers – everything related to the Joomla CMS

69) – English teaching

70) hexidesign – Logo Design, Stationery Design, Business Card Design, Web Page Design, Banner Ad Design, Brochure Design, Poster Design, Flyer Design, T-shirt Design. Has Affiliate Program

71) Work Tasker – general

72) Text Writers – writing

73) – general

74) FreelanceDesigners – web and graphic design, programming, photography, writing, fashion design, industrial design, video production, advertising, logo design

75) – general

76) programming bids – programming, databases, graphic design. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.

77) dolancing – IT / Computer Programming, Mobile Development to Content Writing, Designing, Data Entry, Sales & Marketing, and many more

78) Freelance Success – writing

79) Flexy – general

80) Hubbul. – IT, Digital, Ecommerce, Accountancy & Finance, Human Resources & Learning, Supply Chain & Procurement

81) Sweet Side Jobs – Social Networks, Content Curation, Comment Response, Content Updates, Account Manager, Support, Social Strategy, Social Account Setup, Custom Graphic Headers, Brand Mentions, Website Social Audit, Social Media Advertising

82) Tibba – bloggers, community organizers, social media interns, brokers

83) Freelance auction – programming, design

84) freelancermap – software development, web, system administrator, telecommunications & mobile, IT consulting, SAP, Management consulting, Engineering, Distribution, OLAP & Business Intelligence, Content and media, Service and Support

85) translatorbase – translation

86) wrapsew – marketplace for anything fashion or clothing related

87) Craigslist – general. Although not technically a freelance marketplace, many people do use Craigslist to post and bid on free job listings, both freelance and salaried jobs.

88) Coroflot – design

89) Behance – design, copywriting, writing

90) Indeed – general

91) WordPress Jobs – WordPress

Are you Interested to know about more market place ? Just Comment.

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Exclusive Keywords to find jobs from social media

Social Media is very powerful platform that no need to say. We can get many clients from social media. Related our skills, Like Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Seo, Marketing etc. But the problem how we find or search ? What Keywords is best to get right jobs ?????? But before that I want to share with you share with you 40 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2017

Social Media Demographic Statistics

1. 76% of male internet users are on Facebook as well as 84% of female internet users.

2. 33% of teenagers consider Instagram to be the most important social network.

3. Female internet users are more likely to use Instagram than men, at 39% vs. 28%.

4. 29% of internet users with college degrees use Twitter, compared to 21% with high school degrees or less.

5. 83% of millennials check Twitter at least once per day.

6. Most Instagram users are between 18-29 years old, about six-in-ten online adults.

7. 23% of the world’s total population uses Facebook.


8. LinkedIn boasts more than 460 million user profiles.

9. On any given day, Snapchat reaches 42% of 18 to 34-year-olds in the US.

10. YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.

Social Media Business Statistics

1. Instagram earns $595 million in mobile ad revenue per year, a rapidly increasing number.

2. Despite news of layoffs and executives leaving the company, Twitter’s revenue is up 8% YOY

3. 60% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved.

4. Over 51 million businesses use Facebook Business Pages.

5. 2.5 million business use to Facebook for advertising.

6. Facebook’s total revenue grew 56% in 2016, and advertising revenue grew 59%.

7. 95% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases.

8. 40% of LinkedIn users pay for monthly premium accounts.

9. Pinterest drives 27% of all retail website referral traffic.

10. More than 59% of online adults use more than one social media platform.

Here The Tips for you. :—
Search in Social Media using below Keywords

looking for” OR “searching for” OR “are seeking” OR “am seeking” OR “is seeking” OR “I need” OR “we need” OR “they need” OR ” needs” OR “I want” OR “we want” OR “they want” OR ” wants