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pCloud why you should use? Best cloud storage by security

pCLoud is best cloud storage website than others. It’s not my personal opinion but I have to get this by research much time and after start using pCloud. Previously I use Dropbox that everybody knows is very popular and common online file storage website. But I see there has risk for important file hacking. So I have started thinking to use a very secure cloud storage website. Then I have found pCloud.

In this tutorial, I will share why you should use pCloud. pCloud why you should use? Best cloud storage by security.

pCloud is a tech-savvy company who offering cloud-based storage solutions. This company was formed in Switzerland in 2003. pCloud give their customer new easy experiences to store and access digital information. This secret feature of this company’s continued success is its intuitive interface.

When you visit pCloud website you will see that there website using standard UI and UX roles that make it’s very simple to understand and use. Anyone can easily use and maintains their file in pCloud.

You can take a looks pCloud website right now by clicking here. pCLoud  Another reason to choosing pCloud is that its services are quite comprehensive. When it comes to cloud-based storage, we all want data security.

One of pCloud’s chief business rivals, DropBox, was hacked during 2014, which meant that hackers accessed tons of user information.

To ensure that pCloud is as safe and secure as possible, with a mind to avoiding a Dropbox-like disaster, the team at pCloud decided to invite hackers to participate in a contest. Any hacker who could get into pCloud would be rewarded with a prize of $100,000 dollars.


2860 hackers tried their best

However, no one could get into the system’s server or penetrate “user side” encryptions. The hackers tried for half a year with zero success.

Did you know that 15% of business people who utilize cloud services have been hacked before?

Another competitor of pCloud, Google Drive, offers good services. However, these services are only as secure as the Google accounts of their users.

Unfortunately, in May of 2017, Google accounts were put at risk due to a phishing scheme. The scheme tricked some users into clicking on links which appeared to lead to Google Docs.

The emails with the links included seemed to come from known and trusted contacts!

If you don’t want your private information and/or company information hacked, pCloud is the wisest choice.

It’s not just me saying, it’s being backed by facts and test!

pCloud offers data security which is truly incredible and this is why I highly recommend them over DropBox and Google Drive.

pCloud Crypto – State of the art protection


pCloud can store all your files in the cloud, avoiding any waste on your PC storage space.

As a bonus, you receive 20GB of free storage.

All your files are protected from hackers as what had been proven and mentioned previously.

This is solely due to its client-side encryption (TLS/SSL), and hackers from all over the world failed in what they do best as there has been no successful hack so far.

Their servers are mainly located in the US, with cache and proxy servers in the EU. Files are divided and stored in 15 different racks with servers – and the system manages to stay live even if 5 racks are offline!