Fandu Design” is a Web Design & Digital Marketing website featuring Web Design, WordPress, Digital Marketing, Tech, and Google Products. The word ‘Fandu’ is a portmanteau for ‘Faysol and You’. I started my freelancing journey as Web Designer and WordPress Developer with oDesk.com ( Currently Upwork.com ) in 2014. I’m  working as full-time individual freelancer in top online market places. ( freelancer.com, upwork.com. ) I help people to build professional website for their business and  personal banding. I love to work with small businesses to help them get the most out of the web.

As I’m working as full-time freelancer and no other job. So most of time i keep myself in online and learn technology. First time I get jobs from odesk but right now i am working with many direct clients. I’m not only working a web design and wordpress developer. I have also working a virtual assistant. When I started work as Virtual assistant I have to learn many skills quickly and regularly and spend a lot of time doing random things.

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